R. Frederick Riddle's literary resume will extend well beyond his life. Since 2003 he has written religious fiction mostly based on an extensive knowledge of the Bible.

A fan of Jerry Jenkins he  identifies with the historical nature of many of his books. Recently Mr. Riddle has authored Perished, World of Noah and the Ark, World of Shem, and World of Abraham all available on Amazon.And now has a new Christian Science Fiction series Christland with Death Ship the first book.

Acclaimed for bringing the Bible alive, he is a devoted Christian and husband living in Port Charlotte, Florida.

This blog is for Christians desiring to serve God andChristians who are or want to be authors themselves.Writing as a Christian author, he touches multiple points affecting Christian life and authoring.

With over fifteen years experience, Mr. Riddle is uniquely qualifiedto teach the basics of writing and provide Biblical insights from God's point of view.

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Tress Riddle is Co-Owner and President of T&R Independent Books. She earned an MBA at Louisiana Baptist University. Also she spent many years as a trusted and valued secretary for a major corporate business.

This brings to T&R an understanding of business that will long serve us. Already we have published two fiction and one non-fiction book.

But she had a secret desire to write. Now
we anticipate the publishing of her mystery featuring Rita Honeycutt, a teenage girl with a nose for intrigue.