Ron and Tess are deeply interested and committed to the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, sharing on our website HOW to be saved.

That is also why we have a ministry whereby T&R Independent Books supports other ministries which promote the Gospel both here and abroad.


T&R Independent Books is the publishing company for R. Frederick Riddle and his wife Tess (Teresa) Riddle. Founded in 2014 the company has now published eight books (4 novels in the World That Was series and 4 novels in the Christland series.

These two series represent two different genres (Christian Historical Fiction and Speculative Fiction). Soon Tess's first novel will represent a new entry and a new genre for the company, Children's Fiction.

T&R Independent Books was founded in 2014 by Teresa (Tess) and R. Frederick Riddle. Their concept was to make use of CreateSpace (merged in KDP in 2018) to produce quality books at affordable prices.

While the concept of publishing their own books was exciting they understood that there was a deeper reason for starting the company.

From the very start they instituted a Mission Support aspect to the business. Currently they are supporting missions primarily in the United States, but they hope to expand to other countries. (See column to left)

In addition they are looking at other ways to support Bible believing churches and missionary outreaches.


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Mr. Riddle has recently retired from his job as Financial Secretary at his church. Now that he is full-time, he has revamped the blog to more accurately identify with the url (thus the name change) and to more accurately reflect his wide range of interests.

This blog is still for Christians desiring to serve God andChristians who are or want to be authors themselves.Writing as a Christian author, he touches multiple points affecting Christian life and authoring.

But there is more!

Mr. Riddle has set up the blog so that he is able to schedule his blogs on a daily basis. Each day will have a separate interest or topic. For example, Monday's will be devoted to Issues affecting our nation and our world, while Tuesdays will deal with Insights into individual books or series.

With over fifteen years experience, Mr. Riddle is uniquely qualified  to teach the basics of writing and provide Biblical insights from God's point of view on writing, issues of the day, and so much more.

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When T&R Independent Books was established by Ronald and Teresa Riddle, Co-Owners, she was installed as President on the basis of her Masters Degree in Business. She earned her MBA at Louisiana Baptist University. Also she spent many years as a trusted and valued secretary for a major corporate business. She brings to the business a balance of knowledge gained through study and experience. Going forward this will serve them a long time.

But she also had a secret desire to write her own books. Now we anticipate the publishing of her mystery featuring Rita Honeycutt, a teenage girl with a nose for intrigue.

Tess recently had to battle cancer but she came through it victoriously. She continues to work on her novel and we eagerly look forward to seeing it published soon.


T&R Independent Books


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R. Frederick Riddle's literary resume will extend well beyond his life. Since 2003 he has written religious fiction mostly based on an extensive knowledge of the Bible.

A fan of Jerry Jenkins he  identifies with the historical nature of many of his books. Recently Mr. Riddle has authored Perished, World of Noah and the Ark, World of Shem,  and World of Abraham all available on Amazon.And now he has a new Christian Speculative Fiction series Christland with Death Ship to the Stars  (Book 1), Pauline A New Home (Book 2), Task Force Hunter (Book 3) and Black Death (Book 4) has just recently been published. He's already working on Book #5 and in the World That Was series he is working on World of Jacob.

Acclaimed for bringing the Bible alive, he is a devoted Christian and husband living in Port Charlotte, Florida.

As co-founder of T&R Independent Books he is the Vice President. He brings over fifteen years of writing and publishing experience. And is constantly seeking to learn more about his craft as well as the publishing and marketing of their books.