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R. Frederick Riddle has been writing books since 2003 and now has five novels, including eBooks, and a good number of non-fiction books to his credit. In addition, he has written a book on writing that is used in the Authors Academy.

A fan of Jerry Jenkins' books he early identified with its historical nature. While Jenkins Left Behind series dealt with future history, he has also written books dealing with the past. So Mr. Riddle felt an immediate connection.

His own books have dealt exclusively in the past, although that does not preclude future books dealing with prophetic events.

Acclaimed by reviewers for bringing the Bible alive, he is a devoted Christian and husband.

Tress Riddle is not only the Co-Owner of T&R Independent Books, but its President as well. With an earned Masters degree in Business Administration, she is well versed in the corporate world.

In addition to a great education she has also spent many years as a secretary for a major corporate business.

But as satisfying as that was, she had a secret desire to write. Now that secret is leading toward the publishing of her first book.

Later this year we highly anticipate the publishing of her mystery. This teen novel will feature Rita Honeycutt, a teenage girl with a nose for intrigue.


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