Second Book of the Christland series. The Christians arrive at Ross 128 b and promptly rename it Pauline. Then they set about landing and establishing a new nation. But in the back of their minds they know General Abner Smith will come after them.

Meanwhile events on Earth are moving forward as a new spaceship, Battleship Clinton, is being built to go after the Christian.


R. Frederick Riddle

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Tress Riddle

Dead Eye is a fictional account of the brother of the author's great great grandfather. Taking place during the War of 1812 and afterward, it brings alive the war and its aftermath. Also takes place primarily infrontier Michigan. and

The first book of Christland, a Speculative Fiction series, occurs in the 22nd Century shortly after World War III. Blamed for the war, Christians are persecuted. Part of this is the rounding up of 80 men and women to be used in space as guinea pigs. Imprisoned on a spaceship headed for their destruction, they rebel and head for a new future. But on Earth a general, who had imprisoned them, has other plans.

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Perished is the first book of the series World That Was. While a quick read the story covers 1656 years from Creation to the Flood. You meet several Biblical characters and experience events in their lives. Acclaimed for bringing the characters alive, the book develops the characters and events that adds to your understanding of Scripture as well as being entertained. and

The World of Abraham is the 4th book of the World That Was series. Picking up from the World of Shem you follow Abram (who becomes Abraham) from the city of Haran to the sacrifice of Isaac.

It is the story of a man who like us could trust God and yet at times be weak and compromising. But in the end he is a man that learns to put God first in his life.

Task Force Hunter is Book three of the Christland series. The expected battle finally arrives. Will the Paulines' secret weapon defeat the mighty task force? Will General Abner Smith get his revenge? And who is Miss M?

These and other questions are answered as the world undergoes a dramatic change.


R. Frederick Riddle


The sequel to Perished, this novel (2nd book of series) is enhanced by the author's naval experience. The book covers the time from the Call from God to build an Ark and to a short time after the Ark landed upon Mt. Ararat.

The book also contains an informed Q&A about the land (the supercontinent Rodinia, the Ark, the animals, and other interesting facts pertaining to Noah and the Ark. and

The 3rd book of the World That Was series, the World of Shem picks up from where World of Noah and the Ark finished. This book travels through the early history following the Flood. Here the reader meets Nimrod who founded the first kingdom, built the city of Babel and the Tower of Babel. Here the reader is there as the Confusion of Tongues takes place resulting in the breakup of tribes and their forced migration.

Following Shem the story reveals the early history, the wars, economic growth, and the thread of God's Redemption plan.



R. Frederick Riddle