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Tess and R. Frederick Riddle do things together. Together they founded T&R Independent Books in 2014, together they write (she teen mysteries and he historical fiction), and they have been married since 1981. Living in Port Charlotte, Florida since 2008 they enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the friendly people.

Tess's plan to publish her first novel was delayed by cancer and its treatment, but we are now looking forward to a soon publication. R. Frederick has his published Perished: The World That Was (Volume 1), World of Noah and the Ark (Volume 2), World of Shem (Volume 3), World of Abraham (Volume 4), and is working on World of Jacob (Volume 5). In addition he has now written Christian Speculative Fiction works with a series called Christland, which consists of Death Ship to the Stars, Pauline A New Home (bk 2), Task Force Hunter (bk 3) and Black Death (bk 4).

In February 2019 R. Frederick and Tess began a new project: TR Writing Service. Aimed at giving back to the community and helping new or struggling authors this affordable service provides help with grammar, spelling, creating a KDP account, and navigating the KDP platform with the aim of publishing a book.

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