T&R Independent Books


T&R Academy,

A division of T&R Independent Books, is a valuable tool especially designed for people who are interested in the following:

Authors Academy:


  • How to write a book

  • How to publish their book

  • How to Market their book

Authors Academy is designed with you in mind. You will learn grammar, plotting, character building and much more. PLUS you have the opportunity to write a book throughout the course! But that's not all.You will also learn about publishing and becoming an independent publisher and marketer.

You can learn more about this course  here.


Bible Academy (coming soon):

  • Can the Bible be trusted?

  • How old is the Bible?

  • What about all the errors?

  • And more

The Bible Academy is designed for the  honest inquirer. You will learn how old the Bible is; What Jesus thought about the Old Testament; and whether the Bible can be trusted. And much, much more.